League of Legends Patch: 9.16
Analysed 17,092 Platinum+ Tahm Kench games this week

Tahm Kench Highest Win Rune Page for Platinum+


Live forever
Durability and crowd control


+30-270 Health based on level


48.66% Win 26.86% Pick

Guard allies you cast spells on and those that are very nearby. If you or a guarded ally would take damage...

Perfect Timing

50.68% Win 6.00% Pick

Gain a free Stopwatch. Stopwatch has a one time use Stasis effect.

Shield Bash

48.68% Win 36.09% Pick

Whenever you gain a shield, your next basic attack against a champion deals bonus adaptive damage.

Minion Dematerializer

50.24% Win 3.60% Pick

Start the game with 6 Minion Dematerializers. Killing minions with the item gives permanent bonus...

Second Wind

49.46% Win 32.42% Pick

After taking damage from an enemy champion heal back some of your missing health over time.


48.28% Win 53.55% Pick

Gain additional permanent max health when minions or monsters die near you.