League of Legends Patch: 9.4
Analysed 17,800 Platinum+ Singed games this week

Singed Highest Win Rune Page for Platinum+


Outwith mere mortals
Creative tools and rule bending


+20% Attack Speed

Unsealed Spellbook

51.91% Win 9.70% Pick

Swap Summoner Spells while out of combat. Swapping to unique SUmmoner Spells will increae the...


53.20% Win 2.28% Pick

Takedowns restore 12% of your missing health and grant an additional 20 gold.

Magical Footwear

53.02% Win 6.13% Pick

You get free boots at 10 min but you cannot buy boots before then. Each takedown you get makes your boots...

Last Stand

57.56% Win 1.34% Pick

Deal more damage to champions while you are low on health.

Biscuit Delivery

52.66% Win 1.06% Pick

Gain a free Biscuit every 3 min, until 12 min. Consuming a Biscuit permanently increases your max mana.

Time Warp Tonic

52.73% Win 8.32% Pick

Your potions, biscuits and elixirs last 20% longer, and you gain 5% Movement Speed while under...