League of Legends Patch: 8.23
Analysed 32,274 Platinum+ Jayce games this week

Jayce Highest Win Rune Page for Platinum+


Unleash Destruction
Empowered abilities and resource manipulation


+12 Attack Damage or +20 Ability Power, Adaptive

Phase Rush

51.12% Win 11.58% Pick

Hitting an enemy champion with 3 attacks or separate abilities grats a burst of MS.

Magical Footwear

52.06% Win 9.02% Pick

You get free boots at 10 min but you cannot buy boots before then. Each takedown you get makes your boots...

Manaflow Band

51.00% Win 41.81% Pick

Hitting an enemy champion with an ability permanently increases your maximum mana by 25, up to 250...

Time Warp Tonic

52.42% Win 14.74% Pick

Your potions, biscuits and elixirs last 20% longer, and you gain 5% Movement Speed while under...

Absolute Focus

50.84% Win 28.94% Pick

While above 70% health, gain extra adaptive damage.

Gathering Storm

52.10% Win 9.50% Pick

Gain increasing amounts of AD or AP, adaptive over the course of the game.