League of Legends Patch: 9.20
Analysed 44,677 Platinum+ Cho'Gath games this week

Cho'Gath Highest Win Rune Page for Platinum+


Outwith mere mortals
Creative tools and rule bending


+13 Attack Damage or +22 Ability Power, Adaptive

Glacial Augment

50.34% Win 30.57% Pick

Your first attack against an enemy champion slows them (per unit cooldown). Slowing champions with...

Manaflow Band

49.18% Win 7.63% Pick

Hitting an enemy champion with an ability permanently increases your maximum mana by 25, up to 250...

Magical Footwear

50.51% Win 27.34% Pick

You get free boots at 10 min but you cannot buy boots before then. Each takedown you get makes your boots...

Absolute Focus

51.45% Win 2.00% Pick

While above 70% health, gain extra adaptive damage.

Minion Dematerializer

50.49% Win 1.37% Pick

Start the game with 6 Minion Dematerializers. Killing minions with the item gives permanent bonus...

Approach Velocity

50.61% Win 16.57% Pick

Bonus MS towards nearby ally champions that are movement impaired or enemy champions that you impair.