League of Legends Patch: 9.8
Analysed 64,048 Gold Bard games this week

Bard Highest Win Rune Page for Gold


Unleash Destruction
Empowered abilities and resource manipulation


+6 Attack Damage or +10 Ability Power, Adaptive
+15-135 Health based on level

Arcane Comet

50.71% Win 7.32% Pick

Damaging a champion with an ability hurls a damaging comet at their location.

Font of Life

52.41% Win 5.13% Pick

Impairing the movement of an enemy champion marks them. Your allies heal when attacking...

Nimbus Cloak

53.72% Win 1.39% Pick

Shortly after casting your Ultimate, gain a decaying movement speed increase that lasts for 2.5s and...


53.59% Win 2.07% Pick

Gain additional permanent max health when minions or monsters die near you.


50.83% Win 6.64% Pick

Gain 2% extra MS. Gain extra AP or AD, adaptive based on your bonus MS.


50.61% Win 2.96% Pick

Gain MS and AP or AD, adaptive in the river.