League of Legends Patch: 9.20
Analysed 3,162 Diamond+ Skarner games this week

Skarner Highest Win Rune Page for Diamond+


Hunt and eliminate prey
Burst damage and target access


+6 Attack Damage or +10 Ability Power, Adaptive
+15-135 Health based on level


48.70% Win 55.98% Pick

Add an active effect to your boots that grants a large boost of MS and causes your next attack or ability to...


51.43% Win 1.11% Pick

Charge up a powerful attack against a tower while near it.

Taste of Blood

53.33% Win 1.90% Pick

Heal when you damage an enemy champion.


59.38% Win 1.01% Pick

After casting a Summoner Spell, gain Tenacity and Slow Resistance for a short duration. Additionally...

Zombie Ward

50.81% Win 31.18% Pick

Takedowns on enemy Wards cause friendly Zombie Wards to sprout from their corpses. In addition,...

Relentless Hunter

49.57% Win 14.74% Pick

Unique takedowns grant permanent out of combat MS.