League of Legends Patch: 10.3
Analysed 13,549 Bronze Lulu games this week

Lulu Highest Win Rune Page for Bronze


Unleash Destruction
Empowered abilities and resource manipulation


+8 Attack Damage or +14 Ability Power, Adaptive
+5.5% Attack Speed

Summon Aery

50.15% Win 74.20% Pick

Your attacks and abilities send Aery to a target, damaging enemies or shielding allies.


52.74% Win 2.16% Pick

Takedowns restore 12% of your missing health and grant an additional 20 gold.

Nimbus Cloak

51.44% Win 2.57% Pick

Shortly after casting your Ultimate, gain a decaying movement speed increase that lasts for 2.5s and...

Coup de Grace

50.52% Win 2.15% Pick

Deal more damage to low health enemy champions.


49.98% Win 17.22% Pick

Gain 2% extra MS. Gain extra AP or AD, adaptive based on your bonus MS.


50.17% Win 66.94% Pick

Your first ability hit every 20s burns champions.