League of Legends Patch: 9.6
Analysed 126,184 Bronze Blitzcrank games this week

Blitzcrank Highest Win Rune Page for Bronze


Live forever
Durability and crowd control


+30-270 Health based on level


52.59% Win 13.36% Pick

Guard allies you cast spells on and those that are very nearby. If you or a guarded ally would take damage...

Magical Footwear

52.55% Win 9.44% Pick

You get free boots at 10 min but you cannot buy boots before then. Each takedown you get makes your boots...

Shield Bash

52.29% Win 5.22% Pick

Whenever you gain a shield, your next basic attack against a champion deals bonus adaptive damage.

Minion Dematerializer

52.03% Win 2.15% Pick

Start the game with 6 Minion Dematerializers. Killing minions with the item gives permanent bonus...


51.47% Win 32.73% Pick

After 10 min gain +8 Armor and +8 Magic Resist and increase your Armor and Magic Resist by 5%.


51.78% Win 8.29% Pick

Heals and shields you cast or receive are 5% stronger and increased by an additional 10% on...